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Uber Battle Game

Category: Puzzle

Game Info: Uber Battle Game

battle is a turn based PRG Fighting engine. All you need is the mouse to click the buttons. Or Q to toggle Quality. All you have to do is to command your player what to do. you have the following choices Attack : Attack the enemy using the equipped weapon. Defend : Get ready to make sure the next damage is as low as possible. Special Attacks : use an powerful, elemental attack that you have bought. Use Item : Use a healing potion that you have bought. Concentrate : Concentrate your energy to double the next attack of yours. Equip : Arm yourself with one of the weapons you have bought. Escape : Flee from battle because you are losing. After your first battle you can save your game or buy new items. Note that A weapon that you equip yourself can ONLY be used ni one battle. After that its discarted.


How to Play:

Play this game with mouse.

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