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Strange Invaders Game

Category: Action

Game Info: Strange Invaders Game

You can kill adjacent groups of aliens by clicking on one of the aliens from the group that is within range. When you kill aliens you collect power orbs. As you collect different power orbs. Special attacks will become available. The special powers can be selected by clicking on them. Try to use the special powers strategically to get out of difficult situations.When aliens die they leave behind a teleportation pad. After a few rounds a new alien will spawn in the tiles that have theses pads and at the same time on the empty tiles a teleportation pad will be materialized. The bar on the bottom of the screen indicates when the aliens are going to re-spawn and shen your HP will reach O. The bar moves by a notch every time you attack. Every the you attack you lose some health. Your health is displayed in the top left corner to regain health kill groups of red aliens. When you kill a large group of aliens there is chance that they will drop an artifact. Capture the alien artifacts for massive point bonuses.


How to Play:

Play Strange Invaders Game With Mouse.

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